A look at Hanitatek and how I found them !

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Another year and another SEMA has come and gone. This one was a special one though because SEMA was celebrating its 50th! What a amazing accomplishment and the show just keeps getting bigger ! We are talking 3 million square feet and with talks of it growing to 7 million square feet in the next 5 years! Mind blowing how big that will be! I am not sure how it will be even possible to even see that much show in a short four days?! I know I had to pick up the pace this year to get in all that I wanted to see and do. One thing to do on my checklist was to look for any new windshield manufactures in the industry. I was sitting down outside the convention Thursday afternoon for a few minutes with the crazy amount of walking I have done the past few days . My feet where killing me! I knew though I had to keep going to accomplish my mission. I got up, walked through North Hall, out the back, and into Westgate Pavilion . It is now about 4pm and the day is coming to a close quick! I had been in that hall the other day, but it was brief. This time I checked out each individual booth until I came across them in the back corner of the hall. There I sat down with Kevin Menig and the other Hanitatek employees. Exhausted now,  I got straight to the point and said where I want to take Clear View Products in 2017. They made me feel welcome and really listened to what I had to say. Something we have not had from our other manufacture in the three years we have been with them. They even invited me to an after party following the show. They really know how to take care of their customers ! I took them up on the invite and headed out to the bar where everyone was. What a great time everyone had with good food and drinks. We also got a little business talk in amongst having the fun. Kevin collected all my information and sent me some samples the following week after SEMA. Looking forward to 2017 with good people and a great product!