Boats & PPF

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This past weekend I went to the Cleveland Mid-America Boat Show to check it out. What I do when I go to these events is I have a general idea to start off with , but look for something that I can use my creativity and run with it. When I got into the show, I noticed a sign behind the Ship Shape Marine booth that said they have detailing services.  I asked the gentleman about the boat on the sign and he said that is a 50 foot yacht. I asked how much would it be to detail a boat that big?  He said $3000 dollars. I was like wow that is a lot , but then I got to thinking. I asked have you ever used ppf on the side of a boat?  He said he has never heard of it, but has had customers complain about people scratching the side of their boat's with fenders. Hmmm   Maybe I found another market ?! He sounded very interested so I gave him a card and continued on around the show. I asked the same question to every single dealer or marina that offered detailing services and not one single one ever heard about the film , but where interested. Especially this one dealer in Sandusky, Ohio called Clemons Boats. The service manager mentioned to me she had 3 or 4 customers immediately in mind for the film. Looking forward to further discussions with them and seeing the film on these amazing boats. If you or someone you know has a boat with this issue please feel free to email me for more information.