Clear View Products Adult and Youth Automotive Skilled Training

Sorry for the long absence in my blog writing. We have been very busy transitioning Clear View into something new and exciting ! About 6 months ago I sat down with my accountant at H&R Block to do my taxes . She asked me how things were going and I said okay, but I would like to grow the business. My accountant said do you know how to teach ? I said yes , I have shown adults different detailing techniques along with having a business administration degree. A very random idea turned into a 5 hour discussion while doing my taxes. Ever since February 28th on we have been working on a unique concept putting together an adult and youth automotive skilled training program. What makes this program unique is that we will have in-class training, hands-on training, as well as externships. The in-class training for the adults will be with an actual teacher educating students on sales, marketing, business, and developing a business plan . The youth in-class training will be will lightly address those topics , but will be more focused on work ethic. The detailing workshop will be a full three days getting you the hands-on training needed to succeed in the automotive detailing industry. The last three days of the program we will be helping you get placed in a detail business in the community to help get you real world experience. If all things workout then you have the chance to get hired. We also offer a vinyl wrap course . This will also have the in-class, hands-on and externships. If you stand out amongst the class then you will be offered the chance to go to a 3M training course. Here you will have the ability to get certified in vehicle wrap installation. Once you pass this course, then you will be in the 3M system . This means people can look up certified installers in your area. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these courses.

10th Sep 2017 Eric Golubic

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