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For two decades, Hanita Coatings has specialized in the production of multi laminate safety and security films, designed to protect people and property against flying glass shards.

SafetyZone films are consistently distortion-free, and without the yellowish hue common to many other safety films on the market. Why do professional installers prefer SafetyZone films? Because SafetyZone delivers on performance, price, and installation-friendly flexibility.

Hanita’s SafetyZone safety and security films are renowned for their optical clarity and cleanliness—the result of top grade polyester, our proprietary transparent adhesive, and tight adherence to demanding ISO 9001 quality.

SafetyZone Clear films provide:

● Increased protection from glass shattered by impact, blast, crime or natural disaster

● Substrate compatibility with glass, mirrors, or plastic & acrylic surfaces

● Superb optical clarity for no compromise vision

31st Jan 2017 Eric Golubic

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